Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your So Vain: 5-9-12

You're so Vain

Carly Simon


Pivotal Song Quote

But you gave away the things you loved 


one of them was me 

Time In My Life

This was my parents favorite song.  I grew up listening to this non-stop on long long road trips from Pennsylvania to Ocean City Marayland. I always found the cover picture of Carly Simon very "attractive" as I started to "develop." haha! 

My Take:

Vanity is a crutch that either very insecure or very stupid people use to mask their flaws. There will always be someone stronger, smarter, more attractive, faster, richer, and funnier than you... but there will never be someone more genuine and personable than you can be. That is a decision you make in every encounter you experieince. Looks get you in the door... your personality keeps you there. 

~ Dr. Ivan

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