Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coming Back to Life: 5-6-12

Coming Back to Life 

David Gilmore

Pivotal Song Quote

Where were you when I was hurst and helpless?

 Time In My Life

I was first introduced to what Pink Floyd was and how it was like to truly enjoy their music. This song helped me appreciate the relationships that help me grow... good and bad. 

My Take:

Reflecting on a past relationshipcan do one of two things: It can help you realize that the person you calledyours simply didn't appreciate being yours and wasn't there in the time of yourneed, when you were bent and broken. Or, it can reveal to you that you wereindeed the romantic villain who orchestrated the demise of the thing you calledlove. Either way, this reflection should result in learning, letting go andmoving on, so when that the next great chance you are graced with to become apart of another's heart, you can claim it.

~ Dr. Ivan


  1. Music has always been very important to me. Many times it has helped me emotionally to heal from a "broken heart", or some other sad event in my life, but it has also helped me to celebrate the great things as well. I really love this daily feature. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Your "My Take" comments are inspiring my writing, Dr. Ivan. Love them. I didn't expect this, and they are very refreshing.